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Principal’s Message

Dear WMS  families,

Happy New Year!  We are excited for what 2018 has to offer our School, Staff and Students!  January and February are going to be very busy months this year.

-Preparation for our daily "Power Hour" in March.  An hour of study skills and navigating distractors for our CAASP testing beginning in May.  

-Windmill Springs First Annual Dragon Dance, celebrating Asian New Year 

- Read Across America Week

- Stories Under the Stars 

- Movie Nights

And much, much more!


Here’s something we can all cheer about:  Windmill students had incredible growth last year. The yearly online state assessment, called Measurement of Academic Progress and Performance, are designed to follow the Common Core standards.  Please help us ensure your child is successful with independent practice by ensuring they have a dedicated space and time to complete homework on a daily basis.  Please also engage in frequent communication with your child’s teacher to ensure the home-school connection is strong!



Okay, it’s not THAT bad…but our parking situation certainly has been challenging. There are some changes coming that will help make things easier (see below), but let’s recap a few guidelines first:


  •  Pull all the way forward when dropping off, both in the lot and in the drop-off zone on Aetna Way.
  •  Drive around the full perimeter of the lot when exiting.
  •  Leave a lane free for exiting traffic.
  •  Drop students off no later than 8:05 am
  •  Arrive early (before 8:05 am) and find parking on the street if you would like to walk your child to class.



  •  Park an unattended car along any curb. We are in violation of fire codes anytime a car is parked on a curb area!
  •  Park inconsiderately. This means don’t double park, park sideways, or block in another car.
  • Park in the disabled spaces without a disabled placard and/or block disabled parking.



Here’s the latest on our kitchen, breakfast, lunch, and our party-food policy.

What’s cooking in the kitchen?

For the menu, please visit


Breakfast update

We are pleased to report that our school breakfast program is running smoothly, kids have the choice of receiving a balanced breakfast at the start of the school day. We often add hot items to the menu. A selection of fruits, milk, bagels, and other options will continue to be available. We’d also like to reassure parents that all our selections either meet or beat federal guidelines for sugar, fat, and calories, so you can feel good about your child having breakfast at school.

Lunch recommendations

Please pack your child’s lunch with an eye toward how well it supports him or her during a busy school day. Choose healthful items that provide solid nutrition. Try to include fresh fruit, whole grains, and lean proteins, and please don’t include highly processed foods, chips, candy, etc. Pretzels and grapes are a better choice than potato chips and cookies. If you are having trouble finding affordable but healthy choices or don’t have the time to pack a balanced lunch each day, consider taking part in our school lunch program instead.

School lunch forms

Whether or not you qualify for a free or reduced-price lunch, we ask that every family fill out an application. Every submission impacts our federal funding. You may submit a form online at , or, you can fill out a paper form (available in to print online).

Party food

Halloween is approaching, fast followed by the holiday season, and that means we’ll be seeing classroom celebrations. Again, a reminder that we’d like to focus on healthy options here. A child saturated in sugar doesn’t learn well! Mini muffins, fruit kebabs, yogurt parfaits, chocolate-dipped strawberries or pretzels, trail mix, granola bars, or squeezable yogurt are great options. And for Halloween, check out these spooky but spectacular ideas:  (we love the strawberry ghosts and the “boo-nana” pops).


Yes, it’s that time again — when the sniffles start and the crawlies come out. Fall is cold and flu season, so remind your kids to wash their hands regularly, cover coughs and sneezes, and avoid sharing water bottles.. To reduce your child’s risk of bringing home unwanted bugs:

  •  Avoid contact with anyone who has been infected.
  •  Don’t share clothing, hats, hair accessories, or brushes.
  •  Remind your child to place hats, scarves, gloves, etc. into a backpack when they’re not in use.
  •  And a quick reminder: scabies, lice, and pinworms are equal-opportunity offenders; infestation isn’t related to cleanliness, home conditions, nutrition, or other factors.



As always, Zarpana Rietman maintains an open-door policy and welcomes questions or feedback.  


Zarpana Rietman


Windmill Springs