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Lunch Program

Free Breakfast and Lunch Program

We are pleased to inform you that Franklin-McKinley School District (FMSD) will be participating in the CA Universal Meals for All program and implementing a new option available to schools participating in the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast programs called the Community Eligibility Provision. 

All enrolled students will have daily access to be served a free breakfast and a free lunch regardless of their family’s income level. A meal application is not required for your student to participate in these meal programs but we do ask that all families fill out Education Benefits Form online to maximize State & Federal funding for our educational programs. 

The Child Nutrition Services (CNS) department will continue to hold to high quality and nutrition standards, which meet or exceed guidelines provided by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and California Department of Education (CDE). 

Did You Know? 

Fun health and nutrition facts about the FMSD Meal Program. 

Many entrees - such as pizzas, corn dogs, cereal, and muffins - are made from whole grains. 

All menus meet federal and state guidelines of less than 30% total fat, and less than 10% saturated fat. Menus are posted on the FSMD website each month. We do not fry any foods - chicken nuggets, breaded chicken patty sandwiches, French fried potatoes, orange chicken, and corn dogs are all baked. Our milk section is all-natural and rBST-free (free of Bovine growth hormones). Ingredients and menu selections are low fat or low sugar whenever possible. Fresh fruits and vegetables are acquired through local California growers. Students at lunch, select and serve themselves from a food bar that is filled with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and side dishes. 

We have switched to a reusable, washable red basket as a meal tray, helping the environment by limiting excess trash disposal. 

There is a Wellness Committee that discusses the overall well-being of the students. They discuss and implement programs to improve all levels of wellness: communication, education, physical activity, and all food at our schools - meal programs, classroom parties, and other food-related events. If you are interested in being a part of this committee, contact the CNS department at 408-283-6007.

Healthy School Meals Matter: Research indicates when students lack proper nutrition they have trouble focusing in school. Students who eat nutritious meals every day and lead active lifestyles tend to excel. Franklin-McKinley School District makes a nourishing breakfast and lunch available to all students, based on California Department of Education nutrition guidelines.

Lunch Menu

Our menus offer tasty and nutritious choices to help you plan your child’s meals at school. All menu items comply with the USDA’s standards for school lunch and breakfast which include fresh, local fruits and vegetables every day. All schools also offer garden bars.

Please click here for breakfast and lunch menu information. 

 Sodexo My Way

Please visit Sodexo My Way web link by clicking here for information including Lunch Menus, Nutrition Facts, and online payment options.

TITAN School Solutions

TITAN School Solutions is an online payment system that helps families manage their student meal accounts on a regular basis. In real time, parents are able to deposit funds to the account that allow students to utilize such deposited funds immediately. Parents have the ability to set up recurring payments to where it’s an automated process to deposit funds or strictly do one time payments as well. They also have the ability to view their student purchase history if they are eager to see what the kid is buying/eating. On the Family Portal as well, parents have the ability to submit applications for the new school year in order to be on the Free/Reduced Program.

TITAN School Solutions Portal (Lunch Applications and Online Payments)