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About Windmill Springs School

Windmill Springs is a school rich in heritage and community pride, serving about 600 diverse students in grades TK through 8. We believe all students are leaders of their future we work to support students in finding their own genius.  Change starts with ourselves so we reflect on what is in our circle of control and how we can move our vision.

Windmill Springs's Mission Statement

Windmill Springs is a safe community where everyone explores, imagines, and grows to become compassionate, extraordinary leaders.

As a Leader In Me school, we are working to create empowered students who are leaders of their own learning. We model and teach the 7 habits daily. 

1-Be Proactive

2-Begin with the End in Mind

3-Put First Things First

4-Think Win-Win

5-Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood


7-Sharpen the Saw

8-Find Your Voice

Windmill Springs is home to the Bay area's first Vietnamese Dual language Immersion program. The Vietnamese Dual Language Immersion program is a 50/50 program where students spend half the day in the Vietnamese classroom and the other half of the day in the English classroom.  Students in the program have two teachers, one that holds a BCLAD multi-subject credential in Vietnamese and teaches the Vietnamese part of the day, and another who holds a multi-subject credential and teaches the English part of the day.  For the 24-25 school year our program will support kindergarten through fifth grade students.  The program will grow through sixth grade over the course of the next  year. We are very proud of our program and its efforts to support bilingualism and multiculturalism.

Windmill Springs is home to three SDC classrooms that serve students with autism. We are proud to give our students the opportunity to experience different perspectives. Some students will have the chance to mentor students with autism while they mainstream. This gives our students a unique experience that they learn from and reflect on for years to come

We love to host activities that include families. We have an annual family barbecue, Stories Under the Stars, and many more community events. These events help strengthen relationships between the school family and the home family.