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Parent Resources

Welcome to our Parent Resources web page. Here you will find various tools and resources to support parents in the 2020-2021 school year. (IN PROCESS OF BEING BUILT)

2020-2021 Student Learning Applications
  ELA Math
TK-3rd Grade Zearn
4th-5th Grade Zearn
6th-8th Grade Power up Khan Academy
If you need help issues and need some tech help
Would a how to video be better? Click this link and there are multiple how to videos for parents in English, Vietnamese, or Spanish!
Helping your kids focus during distance learning.
Now that we are learning at home, parents have the task of supporting students in focusing and connecting to their learning. 
  1. Breaks: breaks are important for the students, especially the younger they are.
    1. Movement breaks, a quick stretch and twist of the body, some jumping jacks, just stand up a couple times, cross body stretches to reconnect the brain
    2. Restroom breaks
    3. Snack break
  2. Rest: make sure students get enough sleep at night 8-10 hours
  3. Breakfast: a good breakfast with protein helps us focus and keeps our mind alert
  4. Play: make sure the student gets time to play and move around during the day
  5. Routine: Make a consistent routine
    1. Get up at the same time, go to bed at the same time
    2. Set up a learning area where they go to to do their learning
    3. Have materials ready to go for the day
Here is a quick article from John Hopkins to give you a few more ideas.