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Physical Education

PE Department Philosophy

The philosophy of the Windmill Springs Physical Education department is to equip our students with the tools needed to make a transition from the elementary & middle school physical education instructional program to participation in high school physical education programs and beyond.

PE Expectations

Everyday we are out for PE, it is expected that students try to do the activities to the best of their ability in the clothes they wear to school with appropriate footwear (NO locker rooms). If a student wears clothing/footwear that is not PE or School appropriate, they may be asked to sit out from activities (lose points) and sent up to the Office to call home for change of clothes/footwear. Students are expected to Respect each other, Respect the Windmill Springs campus, Physical Education facilities and Equipment. 

Parent/Health/Doctor Notes for PE

If for any reason a Student is sick, injured, and/or has some type of ailment, please bring a note from Parent/Guardian/Doctor to Office and Teacher.

If unable to bring note, a Call to Office will suffice. Parent/Guardian Notes are only good for 3 days, after a Doctor/Medical Professional Note will be needed  to continue modified activity ***School Requirement***