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6th Grade

Sixth graders at Windmill Springs School are immersed in a course of thematic study that integrates language arts, history, science and math. Our diverse and relevant curriculum connects these studies into our world today. The study of ancient civilizations is connected to current events through watching and discussing the news daily. Science research and experiments allow for students to understand more fully the current environmental problems, urging students to become active citizens in respecting and taking care of their planet. The novels we read are connected to history and science, which allows students to make deeper and more relevant connections to their studies. Art and music activities enrich the experience.

Technology is incorporated daily. We take full advantage of being a Google School – using Google Classroom for writing, discussions, homework assignments, and quizzes. Students also are given opportunities for individualized learning through various computer programs.

We teach the whole child by developing an understanding of a "growth mindset" for learning, which helps every child reach his or her potential. Teamwork, problem solving, and character development are encouraged. Daily physical education activities develop cardiovascular strength, athletic skills, and sportsmanship. We try our best to make learning fun, meaningful, and powerful.

And the best part? We go to science camp!