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4th Grade EO

4th grade Milestones

November 22 nd

This marks the end of the first trimester. By this point we will have covered multiplying and dividing 4 digit numbers, Native American history, grade level Physics and our first novel study.

March 14th

This marks the end of the 2nd trimester. By this time, we will have talked about European influence and the Gold Rush as well as Fractions, Decimals, Geology and Biology.

June 14th

This is the last day of school. In this last trimester, your child will learn about the final parts of CA history and science, specifically about the industries that make up California’s economy.. They will also begin their adventure with Geometry and measuring degrees.


Students will be assessed using a rubric grading system. Their understanding and applications of the concepts taught in this class will be assigned a numerical value. We have provided a break down of what those numerical values represent below:

4 = Comprehensive understanding and application
3 = Proper understanding and application
2 = Partial understanding and application
1 = Minimum understanding and application

Rubrics are created in class with students so that they are aware of the expectations and work required to do an activity well.

4th Grade Syllabus