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2nd Grade EO

In second grade, we pride ourselves in teaching and enforcing the basic fundamentals of phonics and phonemic awareness, reading comprehension built upon direct vocabulary instruction, writing across all genres, and mathematics. Our social studies curriculum includes focusing on community, geography, economics and trade, and how people can make a difference in their society. Besides these areas in social science, we also have units in science which include: design challenges focused on mixtures and substances, case studies to help students understand habitats and species interconnected relationships, and hands-on activities for students to learn about various landforms and their formations.  All of our social studies and science units are purposely woven into our writing and reading comprehension lessons in order to have more cohesion and to provide a deeper understanding for our students. In addition, our teachers work collaboratively in order to integrate our units into our Vietnamese-Dual Immersion Program. All of our units and materials align with Common Core Standards and the California English-Development Framework.