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1st Grade EO

First grade at Windmill Springs is amazing and unique for many reasons! We foster environments that support learning and promote emotional intelligence within our students. Here are some of the activities that your first grader will participate in:

  • We have Big Buddies with fifth grade friends. They will read, play, draw, and create long-lasting relationships with us. 

  • Fun Fridays will allow students time to relax and play, which will aid in social-emotional learning and fine-motor skills.

  • In the fall, we learn about comparing and contrasting with our Bats and Birds unit. Students will learn about informative text and how to write opinion pieces throughout this unit.

  • We have many projects that help students learn about all the different holidays that are celebrated in America and around the world.

  • There is a large focus on phonemic awareness. Every day, we will practice new sounds and incorporate them into our reading and comprehension blocks.

  • We study animal and plant defenses, light and sound, and the spinning Earth in our science units.

  • Grammar is a huge focus in first grade. We have interactive notebooks that we work in almost every day. Students learn about nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, and many more parts of a sentence. They will be cutting, gluing, writing, and coloring almost every day, which helps refine fine-motor skills. 

  • Lastly, we will have many different art projects that will teach students how to use watercolor paint, pastel colors, and creating cardstock sculptures. We have many opportunities to learn how to draw common people, animals, plants, and things.